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Structural Analysis Services

Avery Aerospace specializes in analysis and documentation of critical structures from all fields, including aerospace, biomedical and commercial products. We excel in analysis of high-performance components made from either composite or metal.

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Bringing a competent analyst onto your project early will greatly improve the outcome and reduce costly redesigns. Successful strength predictions of a structure relies on the analyst’s understanding of critical failure modes. Without a good understanding, critical failure modes may be missed. Coupling between modes may also occur. Experience analyzing light-weight structures is the only way for an analyst to gain the insight necessary to reliably predict the integrity of a critical structure.

Classical "Hand" Analysis

For many applications, hand structural analysis is most appropriate method. We can provide our customers support from initial sizing and layout to a detailed structural analysis report (SAR) that identifies and documents the critical minimum margins of safety.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite element (FE) analysis can be used to calculate internal loads in components of assemblies. It can also be used to calculate the elastic stability of complex structures. Sometimes, when appropriate, detailed FE models can be used to check hand strength or calculated point stresses for doing durability or damage tolerance analysis.

Structural Analysis Reports (SAR)

The structural analysis report should contains a summary of all the analysis performed on a part or assembly, as wells as detailed calculations of the most critical failure modes. Although it is up to our clients to determine level of documentation needed for a project, we normally deliver a SAR at the end of the analysis effort.