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Stickysuc – Suction Cup Bonding Kit – Make Suction Cup Stick

Stickysuc Securing GPS Suction Cup Mount to Windshield Stickysuc Securing Suction Cup Toilet Holder Stickysuc Securing Suction Cup Sign
Stickysuc Securing Suction Cup Shower Rack Stickysuc Securing Suction Cup Hook

Stickysuc is a safe, semi-permanent suction cup attachment kit.

  • Alleviates hanging items from constantly falling
  • You remove them when YOU want
  • Used on anything from towel hooks to automotive GPS mounts
  • Buy new suction cups over and over or get the Stickysuc kit once
  • Patent Pending

The Stickysuc design is Patent Pending. Stickysuc® is a registered tradmark of Avery Aerospace Corporation.

Safely Bonds Suction Cups:
(3) 3-inch or less

Stickysuc Suction Cup Adhesion Kit


  • 3 Protective surface barriers
  • Suction cup adhesive (.18 fl oz)
  • Cleaning wipes (2)
  • Barrier prep abrasive pad (1)
    • This product secures those unreliable suction-cup-mounded items using an adhesive and protective barrier. Only the pressure-sensitive adhesive of the barrier is in contact with the mounting surface. To remove, the suction cup and protective barrier is pealed away. Your items will stay in place as long as YOU want them to.

      NOTE: Using this product on suction cups will render them unusable for their original purpose of temporary attachment, however, they can be reinstalled using another bond/barrier included with the kit.

      Stickysuc Suction Cup Adhesion Kit Packaging - Front Stickysuc Suction Cup Adhesion Kit Packaging - Back

      For more information, please visit www.stickysuc.com or Amazon.com to purchase.